What Is Cardinal Game Studios?


Cardinal Game Studios is a tiny game studio based in Louisville, Kentucky which strives to deliver fun and quality games with a focus on family friendly content to multiple platforms. By no means is Cardinal Game Studios a professional game development studio.


Cardinal Game Studios’ Titles


Scrappy’s Shootout is a failed project which reached the public demo stage. You can visit the game here or you can visit its post mortem here.


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Why I’ve Canceled Development of Scrappy’s Shootout

Cardinal Game Studios Twitter Why I’ve Canceled Development of Scrappy’s Shootout   While working on Scrappy’s Shootout I learned a number of things, from technical skills to the process of project development. Prior to this project my 3D modeling skills were abysmal, to the point of where I couldn’t even make basic models. I learned … Continue reading Why I’ve Canceled Development of Scrappy’s Shootout

(Devlog-4) Scrappy’s Shootout – Demo Release

  Finally Scrappy’s Shootout has reached a basic, playable state! In this devlog I’m going to cover what Scrappy’s Shootout is, what’s in the demo, feedback, and what’s in store for the future. Stay tuned!   Cardinal Game Studios Twitter   What is Scrappy’s Shootout? For those that are just tuning in Scrappy’s Shootout is … Continue reading (Devlog-4) Scrappy’s Shootout – Demo Release

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