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I’ve been pretty quiet for the past three weeks after I cancelled Scrappy’s Shootout, which I stopped working on since the alpha demo release about four weeks ago. I’d like to make a post to simply show that I haven’t given up my dream hobby and passion of game development and that I’m simply prototyping ideas and taking things easy as I adjust to my new lifestyle as a college student. Honestly, I’m more passionate now than ever. But also much busier than before.


I took a short break from game development, about two weeks or so. I primarily did it to rest up, get used to my new environment, and figure out what went wrong with my past project. Like I said, I still love game development, and I’m more passionate about it than I was before. Lately I’ve been meeting up with some local game developers from the region its been extremely motivating. Whenever you’re online, on Discord, Reddit, the Unity forums, or whatever else, you can meet a limitless amount of game developers which you can talk to, share creations with, and what not to keep you motivated. Its an amazing resource to have. But there’s something special about meeting up with real life developers that’s inspiring in its own special way. Seeing them create their projects, even if they don’t look too impressive or polished, is amazing. You don’t feel alone in the constant battle of game development anymore and you have a more source of guidance and support if you need it. So my game development hobby is far from dead.


Currently I’m working on a new prototype. I’ve got a decent understanding as to what it may but I’m still fleshing out the features. I’m making sure to build the core foundation of the game first to ensure its an enjoyable concept. This project is also one I’m more passionate about with it being a part of a genre I’m a fan of and it relying on unique aspects that I find enjoyable to develop. The goal is to make sure I don’t make the same three critical mistakes I made during Scrappy’s Shootout to ensure this game doesn’t also die when I release the alpha demo. But one concern I have is the ambition of the project. I’m a naturally ambitious and idealistic person and that tends to get me in trouble with me finding myself biting off more than I can chew on an often basis. I don’t only do this with game development, I do this with most aspects of my daily life, but its most recognizable in the projects I develop. Because of this the scope and ambition of my projects remains as a constant hurdle for me. I’m trying to plan accordingly.


My last statement will be regarding my previous blog post. The fourth major mistake I failed to acknowledge was that I was pushing myself way too much. I told myself I’d have to release a devlog every two weeks, and in each devlog I wrote, I’d list features I was going to showcase in the next version. As a result I was giving myself deadlines and telling myself I “had to” complete whatever features I was working on. I’d panic about lack of or unimpressive content for the next devlog. It wasn’t healthy, it caused stress, lowered productivity, and made the entire process enjoyable. I was being burnt out by it. The primary reason why I did this was because I was concerned about creating and maintaining a following and that obviously failed. I was being naive. In my next project I’m going to just go with the flow. I’ll release devlogs for substancial changes, developments, or announcements. I won’t force myself to record progress at set time intervals. I intend to make quality content. That’s all I should worry about. Nothing more.


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